The Shock

December 15, 2009


Pic 1 is Elsa Schiappareli(or Schiaparelli?)
Pic 2 is Lili de Alvarez
The connect is divided skirts. Wonder how? Google, fucker.



July 1, 2009


Identify and connect.


Jean-marc Bosman and Maros Kolpak.
The pre-existing Bosman rule was changed to the Kolpak rule following Maros Kolpak’s release from his German club because of a quota on non-European Union players, imposed by the Deutscher Handballbund (German Handball Federation)

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Long Time no Football!!!

June 27, 2009

Non-Exhaustive list…CONNECT

AB(i luv this pic)CDE






ANSWER: These are all the players who have been featured on the cover of different editions of Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami..

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Accompanied by the saddest music in the world..

June 21, 2009


As they say,put fundaez.


I was looking for Wasserman Media Group’s 32 page brochure in order to sell Michael Owen to some football club.

Pic1 is St.Michael’s traditional arms order(Owen was nicknamed St.Michaels by the KOP faithful) and pic 2 is the logo of Wasserman media group.Anyone who is interested can access the complete brochure here

[Title explanation:Isn’t this a sad thing? I don’t know about you but Owen was one of the reasons why I started watching football(and supporting Liverpool).Obviously he is to blame,but still..]

Three Times

June 12, 2009


Triple Crown of Champions-Indy 500, Monaco GP and the 24 hours at Le Mans-achieved only by Graham Hill,so far.

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What do these three constitute together and who is the only person to accomplish the feat?


June 9, 2009

The first two (c31 c32), the next three (c21 c22 c23) and the last two (c11 c12) form the 3 respective connects.
The mega connect is nothing, its just that the 3 connects are of the same genre.
You get the three, you get the connect.

(Hint – see categories)


Connect 1 – Crystal Palace (c31 is the original crystal palace, c32 is badge of WAGGGS – girl guide was formed by Baden Powell in a meeting organized in crystal palace)
Connect 2 – Portsmouth FC [Richard 1 the lionheart (c21) captured cyprus (c23) and brought back its seal to england and gave it to the city of portsmouth. The seal was a crescent moon and a star. c22 is the album cover of pink floyd:live at pompeii – portsmouth fc are called pompey)
connect 3 – Everton Fc (c11 is the prince rupert’s tower which is there in Everton FC’s crest. c12 is everton mint – Everton FC is called toffees – everton mint is distributed among the crowd before every match at goodison park.)

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June 5, 2009

X’s first cover subject was Y(see picture below). He was also the first victim of the jinx, suffering a hand injury one week later that forced him to miss seven games.

Over the years, the jinx has produced losses, injuries and even death. X did their own analysis of the phenomenon for a 2002 issue and concluded that 37% of their cover subjects suffered a demonstrable misfortune or decline in performance following their appearance.

X and Y.


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X-Sports Illustrated

Y-Eddie Matthews.