June 26, 2009

1 inspired 2 and this led to creation of what?


Clarence Hailey Long inspired Leo Burnett to create the legendary MARLBORO MAN!
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June 26, 2009

Whats behind the red spot? I have cropped the pic to make it more difficult!



Tankman indeed!
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June 12, 2009

(Sorry for the ‘signing off’ thing. It is not supposed to be there, its just that I couldn’t find a better pic.)


Okay this is the Unemployment Benefit form 40, after which the band UB40 is named.
‘Signing off’ was their debut album.

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June 12, 2009

It started with AAA and was discontinued in 2000. What?
(the list is not exhaustive.)


The usage of the official pseudonym Allen Smithee used by directors who wanted to disown a project after they’re done with it.

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Connect the three…

June 11, 2009

(order is c,b and a)


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Quoting him –
This is the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud

1. The Amulet of Samarkand (amulets in the Asian region shown)

2. The Golem’s Eye (an ugly golem shown)

3. Ptolemy’s Gate (Ptolemy in the pic)

ABCD Chahida mainu…lal mercedes chahidi mainu!

June 9, 2009

A’s famous work 1 was named after B. But some sources say that it was after C, who was the business partner of D – famous for his invention 2.
E’s complicated rendition of 1 named 3 (after surname of B & C only) is a recognized masterpiece of literature.
3 has inspired many famous works like F, G and H to name a few.
Give me everything.

Hint: last pic ofcourse!


A – Christopher marlowe
1 – The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
B – Johann Georg Faust
C – Johann Fust
D – Johannes Gutenberg
2 – Printing press.
E – Goethe
3 – Faust
F – Frankenstein (borris karloff it is)
G – Phantom of the Opera
H – Dorian Gray

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(hint – faust means lucky in latin!)


June 9, 2009

The first two (c31 c32), the next three (c21 c22 c23) and the last two (c11 c12) form the 3 respective connects.
The mega connect is nothing, its just that the 3 connects are of the same genre.
You get the three, you get the connect.

(Hint – see categories)


Connect 1 – Crystal Palace (c31 is the original crystal palace, c32 is badge of WAGGGS – girl guide was formed by Baden Powell in a meeting organized in crystal palace)
Connect 2 – Portsmouth FC [Richard 1 the lionheart (c21) captured cyprus (c23) and brought back its seal to england and gave it to the city of portsmouth. The seal was a crescent moon and a star. c22 is the album cover of pink floyd:live at pompeii – portsmouth fc are called pompey)
connect 3 – Everton Fc (c11 is the prince rupert’s tower which is there in Everton FC’s crest. c12 is everton mint – Everton FC is called toffees – everton mint is distributed among the crowd before every match at goodison park.)

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