connect the following images and qoutes




3._______ is a section between two intermediate supports


no hints

the hints are:-

1.even if i replace the first building with any other buildibg it wont make a difference,to the connect the answer would remain unchanged.

2. i have changed image 2.

3.the connect is related to adventure sports.

please note:-it’s only a coincidence that the image of earth has India in focus.

i apologise to every one for making the quiz to tough in an attempt to prevent it from being simple.


13 Responses to connect the following images and qoutes

  1. Himanshu the great says:

    Pic 1: Petronas towers
    Pic 2: Band pass Tank circuit
    Pic 3: Bridge
    Pic 4: Earth with a special focus on Indian ocean.

    Connection: Ram setu.

  2. Chithananda says:

    bridge in petronaus tower, bridge circuit, adam’s bridge..??

  3. bviswanathan89 says:

    whatever it is , it is definitely not ram setu

  4. bviswanathan89 says:

    if nobody objects i will give a hint by tomorrow evening

  5. bviswanathan89 says:

    its a good guess as ram setu, but it is the wrong answer

  6. Karunakar says:

    1.Twin towers are connected via bridge.
    2.The bridge circuit.
    4.The clouds on earth are in the form of letter “B” signifying the first letter of the answer.

  7. bviswanathan89 says:

    sorry no the answer is wrong

  8. yossariancsinghania says:

    ROCA or ARDF…?
    The question has been set up idiotically!

  9. Himanshu says:

    It’s not tough the connects are out of place and gave no hints what actually you are asking for.
    My next guess is Base jumping.

    • bviswanathan89 says:

      everything is in order.
      3. span
      base is the abbrevation of above, hence the connects are not of place

  10. kum aar says:

    Stealer! Ive seen this question in some other quiz blog!

  11. bviswanathan89 says:

    i hvnd steal computer jerk i made my self

  12. Donatas says:

    ajkit nx sukos bl urodai jibani, pydarai, kad jus uzsiciulptumet nx, isgamos

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