this should be easy,

answer: actors playing major multiple roles in the same film

peter sellers in dr.strangelove and the mouse that roared ,paresh rawal in oye lucky and mike myers in the austin powers series

cracked by gurluv,katoch(3/4th)


3 Responses to Connect

  1. Gurluv Singh says:

    1- Dr. Strangelove
    2- Austin Powers
    3- Oye lucky lucky oye
    4- The Mouse That Roared

    Connect- Multiple Roles

    Dr Strangelove: Peter Seller played multiple roles.
    Austin Powers- The spy who shagged me: Mike Myers played multiple roles
    Oye lucky lucky oye: Paresh Rawal played multiple roles
    The mouse that roared: Peter Sellers played multiple roles.

  2. abhinav1182 says:

    Same actor playing multiple roles–Sellers in Dr.Strangelove,Mike Myers in Austin Powers,Paresh Rawal in Oye Lucky and something else..

  3. Apoorv Sharma says:

    movies taking inspiration from robinhood??

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