The events leading to the end of her marriage resulted in an inspired bit of conflagration. What?

The Woman in the picture is Nina Paley. Her film SITA SINGS THE BLUES mixes biographical elements with Ramayana and Annete Hanshaw’s Blues for its three-fold narrative structure.

Uncracked again. Is it the low traffic or are the questions too arbitrary?


4 Responses to Either-Or

  1. paritosh says:

    To put it mildly, your questions, apart from the “slapstick” one are not very workable, neither are they very much in vogue, in news nor are they “google”able:P But then again, this is what I think, there can be a different story altogether.


  2. Pandora aunty ka dabba says:

    As far as I am concerned In Vogue Questions defeat the purpose of a quiz blog existing completely unless by that you mean questions on Current Affairs.

    Also,google-able questions on quiz blogs are generally those where you can identify the person in the picture(s) and google for the related information,which is not work-ability but cheating,really.

    I take your point on the questions, like this one or the Laplace whatever one, being completely unworkable.

    Thanks for the input.

  3. paritosh says:

    yes, by ‘in vogue’ i meant current affairs. btw are you guys hosting “Spectrum” by any chance?

  4. Pandora aunty ka dabba says:

    I don’t know yet. Mostly, I think we won’t be.

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