January 5, 2010

He proposed that someone was first here. Who and what?

Thomas Pynchon in V. proposes that Kilroy was originally part of a schematic for a band-pass filter.

Complete answer by Paritosh(Dada was here!)


A Supposedly Amusing Thing That Would Be Funny Only If It Weren’t So Tragic

July 21, 2009


Title is a big hint, so is the bandana and ,despite the parody, the style of the sentence with its prolixity, fracturing to parallelize the sentence and reliance on footnotes,if you really think about it.ID.


Went surprisingly uncracked.This is the late David Foster Wallace.

The Pope loves him..

July 17, 2009


Identify.Who is the designer and what does it explore?


Mystery Park located in Interlaken,Switzerland.Designed by Erich Von Daniken to explore the seven mysteries of the world.

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the 6th

June 30, 2009

Character depicted and described in the life and writings of A ,first appearing in B. C,D,E show more examples

Tread softly

June 29, 2009


Sad that the Lady on the left couldn’t stay, but she had the gent on the right anyway.The upshot of this was pronounced mourning over X’s grave.

Give me all.


X–William Butler Yeats

Maud Gonne and John MacBride.

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June 22, 2009

A funny question occured to me. Shouldn’t be too tough. So connect –


2. বিশাল আকৃতি


The give away

The give away

Yet another unsolved question! The connect was Chief Vitalstatistix. Doublehelix is his brother who lives in Lutetia, Bishal Aakriti is his name in the Bengali translation, and he appears in Asterix comics in which, as Pande rightly noticed, the pirates are parodies of those in the Barbe Rouge comic. Ill post the next question tomorrow. Later.

Wha happened next?

June 18, 2009

well there is something legendary related to this specific comic strip.What?25


This is the Publication of peanuts  which was published on March 30, 1993 in which Charlie Brown finally scored a home run after 43 years of peanuts.

AND Please give a big round of applause to Pankaj for giving the second angle to the question, i.e.

the second legendary thing about this strip is Exactly 15 years later Ryan Zimmerman hit the homer in the ninth innings in the Opening baseball night at the National Parks with the Washington Nationals beating the Atlanta Braves 3-2 and this being the first homer on this park.
Also Bush threw out the first pitch that night.

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