whats missing?

July 1, 2009

Whats missing and why?


the 6th

June 30, 2009

Character depicted and described in the life and writings of A ,first appearing in B. C,D,E show more examples

title goes here

June 30, 2009

song by A covered by B featured in C

i want everything !!!!


June 27, 2009

A composed the sountrack for  B’s film C , of which 1 was a track that is used by artist D on their album E.a tribute album “F” for A also featured D’s own rendition of 1.Gimme everything

 images of C,D and F  havent been added to make it less obvious

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June 27, 2009

this should be easy,

answer: actors playing major multiple roles in the same film

peter sellers in dr.strangelove and the mouse that roared ,paresh rawal in oye lucky and mike myers in the austin powers series

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to come in your ear pussies

June 25, 2009




June 22, 2009

1this is the “artwork” to the debut album of a band which was later changed to something more subtle as the distributors refused to release it like this,forcing the band to change the name of the album as well.

identify the band and the album

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