Time for the answers

February 5, 2010

I can see there are few takers for a travel and living quiz, nonetheless, hope you will enjoy the answers!

Which Munich landmark is named after a column that was built there to celebrate the end of the 30 years war and the Swedish occupation? (visual)

Marian Platz in downtown Munich

there is a monument in the central square of Paris, the square is also called la Concordia, the monument is opposite the Madeleine church and is surrounded by the statues representing the French provinces, either tell me, the original name for the monument, or what do the French call it? Visual 2

A bit of a comics link here, this is also called the Obelisk

Though now completely associated with Germany, this bread pastry of Medieval European origin (some accounts say Italian or French) that has the shape of a three looped knot or twisted braid. They are either soft or hard. They have evolved into a variety of shapes from knotted loops to straight (called Salzstangen in German, Ropi in Hungaria. What?


This Parisian tourist attraction is the home of Bistros and Cafes and is popular with tourists and students alike. Also the home of the Roman bath in Paris, this takes its name from a vocal practice during the medieval times. What?

The people frequenting this area of Paris spoke Latin, hence Latin quarter

The Royal Jordanian has attributed a 62% increase in traffic over the last few years they attribute this to what?

Ruins of Petra, one of the new seven wonders of the world.

This book’s cover spoofs Milk cartons in the US, wherein announcements are made about people who are lost or missing. Which Bill Bryson book deals with travel in small town America?

A book called The lost Continent
Book cover, dont judge the book by this, nice nice read

What province of Canada shares its name with a breed of dog, and is separated from the mainland by the strait of Belle Isle?
Newfoundland and Labrador

Which autonomous region was originally titled Neuva Andalucia, and has been under the governance of Spain, England and presently under a third monarchy?

Went from the Spanish, to the Pommies, to The Dutch. Known to the QM for the annual pokerstars tourney and not the Natgeo trip

The work was attacked with a bread knife by an unemployed school teacher, Wilhelmus de Rijk, in 1975, resulting in a large zig-zag of slashes. It was successfully restored but some evidence of the damage is still observable close-up. De Rijk committed suicide in April 1976. Which work?

Rembrandt’s Nightwatch

Bolivia has a small navy used to guard the islands of sun and moon. Where are these two islands located?

Lake Titicaca, shared between Peru-Bolivia

Taking its name from the German Austrian word for cutlet, which Viennese delicacy is usually served with lemon slice and lingonberry jam. What?
In india, this culinary item is usually served as Israeli cuisine.


What Slovenian artistes, in a rather vague sense of the word perform at the Spanish Horfreitschule?

These are horses, the arena is world famous for its horse dances, which is the English translation for Horfreitschule.

Though it looks a lot like the LGBT flag, this is a flag representing the various regions of an empire which ruled this country for a few centuries?

This is the flag of the province of Cuzco, each color represents one region of the Incan empire.

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