Hello, world!

December 23, 2009

Flickan med fjäderprydda hatt

Identify and Connect. Easy one.


Quick one indeed!
Debashish gets it right, these are indeed the standard test image, audio file (mp3), and 3d rendering object respectively.



June 22, 2009

A funny question occured to me. Shouldn’t be too tough. So connect –


2. বিশাল আকৃতি


The give away

The give away

Yet another unsolved question! The connect was Chief Vitalstatistix. Doublehelix is his brother who lives in Lutetia, Bishal Aakriti is his name in the Bengali translation, and he appears in Asterix comics in which, as Pande rightly noticed, the pirates are parodies of those in the Barbe Rouge comic. Ill post the next question tomorrow. Later.


June 11, 2009

Alright. Connect. Googlable. 🙂

posterbeachcarANSWER aha! No one got this. Yay. These are all microsoft project code names. Seriously guys. Have a look at the category first! The beach is the morro beach of sau paulo – morro is the code name for microsoft’s anti virus. The car is a ford zephyr – zephyr is the code name for the x box 360. Scorpio is the code name for the zune 80 gb. Ha ha.


June 6, 2009

Identify this very famous code :

^ ^ v v left right left right B A (select)

Now connect this with an American dial up company, google, a 2007 Canadian-American movie(and also the US Paralympics), and facebook?

Correct! Yay! Remember Contra? The 30 lives code? Wunnerful nostalgia!

Abhinav, wierd dude, spande and chinthan get it right!

Heading for the sands?

June 1, 2009

Simple Connect & Explain





! || &&

! || &&

3. Forex Trading
4. Google Maps

AB = June 3

Well, well, well. Nobody gets this one too
The connect is Wave.

1. The first is a video game character Wave the Swallow from the Sonic series. Thats why Prickly? in the caption, and sage (acronym for SEGA in the alt tag)

2. The next is the Logitech Wave keyboard. Looks pretty qwel.

3. Forex trading uses a te4chnical algorithm called Elliott Wave Principle. No, its not something vague. Its pretty big. Google it naa?

4. The give-away -> Google wave, the latest networking tool. Made by the same brothers who made Google maps.