(Sorry for the ‘signing off’ thing. It is not supposed to be there, its just that I couldn’t find a better pic.)


Okay this is the Unemployment Benefit form 40, after which the band UB40 is named.
‘Signing off’ was their debut album.

Cracked by chithananda and monsieurkramer.


3 Responses to What?

  1. AndersonCouncil says:

    unemployment benefit form of NREGA is it?

  2. monsieurkrammer says:

    Cover of “Signing Off” an album of UB40, a British reggae band formed in 1978.
    The name “UB40” was selected in reference to the document issued to people claiming unemployment benefit from the UK government’s Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) at the time of the band’s formation.
    UB40= Unemployment Benefit form 40.

  3. Chithananda says:

    UB40 first album cover

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