The Shock

December 15, 2009


Pic 1 is Elsa Schiappareli(or Schiaparelli?)
Pic 2 is Lili de Alvarez
The connect is divided skirts. Wonder how? Google, fucker.



June 26, 2009

1 inspired 2 and this led to creation of what?


Clarence Hailey Long inspired Leo Burnett to create the legendary MARLBORO MAN!
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Accompanied by the saddest music in the world..

June 21, 2009


As they say,put fundaez.


I was looking for Wasserman Media Group’s 32 page brochure in order to sell Michael Owen to some football club.

Pic1 is St.Michael’s traditional arms order(Owen was nicknamed St.Michaels by the KOP faithful) and pic 2 is the logo of Wasserman media group.Anyone who is interested can access the complete brochure here

[Title explanation:Isn’t this a sad thing? I don’t know about you but Owen was one of the reasons why I started watching football(and supporting Liverpool).Obviously he is to blame,but still..]

ABCD Chahida mainu…lal mercedes chahidi mainu!

June 9, 2009

A’s famous work 1 was named after B. But some sources say that it was after C, who was the business partner of D – famous for his invention 2.
E’s complicated rendition of 1 named 3 (after surname of B & C only) is a recognized masterpiece of literature.
3 has inspired many famous works like F, G and H to name a few.
Give me everything.

Hint: last pic ofcourse!


A – Christopher marlowe
1 – The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
B – Johann Georg Faust
C – Johann Fust
D – Johannes Gutenberg
2 – Printing press.
E – Goethe
3 – Faust
F – Frankenstein (borris karloff it is)
G – Phantom of the Opera
H – Dorian Gray

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(hint – faust means lucky in latin!)

Ah! Those golden days…

June 8, 2009

Simply connect (the list is not exhaustive)


Good ol’ Appu Ghar (columbus, my fair lady, oyesters and bhoot bungla)

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@gandhi sir – maidan mein aao…(pragati ofcourse…thats where appu ghar was. Sigh!)

June 8, 2009

Exhaustive list.Connect.


the 9 brand names that made it into the Oxford Dictionary

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Abhinav Gandhi was on the right path, but not quite..


June 7, 2009


This 1984 ad campaign for a major fast food company gave rise to a a catchphrase that has since moved into popular jargon and is used to question the validity of a claim or an argument. What phrase?


Where’s the beef?

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