Music to my ears…








Successfully cracked by weirdsceneinsidethegoldmine, Gurluv Singh and yossariancsinghania (refer to comments.)


5 Responses to Music to my ears…

  1. weirdscenesinsidethegoldmine says:

    Dream Theater has covered all of these albums at their live shows.(entire albums,not just one or two songs)

  2. yossariancsinghania says:

    Dark Side of the Moon, Made in Japan, Master of Puppets, and Number of the Beast. Dream Theater have covered them all!

  3. Gurluv Singh says:

    12- Cover of the album Master Of Puppets by Metallica.
    13- Cover of the album Made in Japan by Deep Purple.
    14- Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
    15- The number of the beast by Iron Maiden

    Connect- Dream Theater has covered the entire album at a live concert. For each of these.

  4. GG says:

    “magnum opus'” of the all band

  5. UDit says:

    Biggest selling albums of the respective British rock bands?
    Deep Purple = Made in Japan
    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast.

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