January 1, 2010

This picture, or its title at the very least, was brought into pop-consciousness in 1976.How?

This Picture is titled Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war. The 1976 Single by Paul Simon takes its name from the picture and purports that Rene Magritte was a secret admirer of doo-wop music. Uncracked again.


Kingdom of Heaven

December 19, 2009

What does the picture show?


Anton Bruckner arriving in Heaven. Cracked by Prasanna.

Loads of identifies

July 2, 2009


1. Easy one

Au Revoir?

Au Revoir?

2. Identify the gent(s)

The gents

The gents

3. Watisthis? And what popularized this?

The foot?

The foot?

4. Identify. Be specific.

5. Identify the Duo.

6. Related to the above. Identify.



7. Identify.

8. Identify.

9. Who said “‘ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today ”

10. Identify The dentist's?

Well No one even tried. Sheesh.
1. Farrah Fawcett
2. Pinky and Snowball from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain
3. Python’s foot, from the Monty Python’s Flying Circus
4. Garfield Minus Garfield
5. Ludakrishna and Vikram MC (Remember Welcome to India?)
6. Wierd Al Yankovic
7. Linear B (Oldest form of Mycenaen writing)
8. Age of Empires I – The priests! Wolololo!
9. Wimpy!
10. Thats the Kensington lock. It is used to lock a laptop. Thats the the slot behind your laptop. Yes.

title goes here

June 30, 2009

song by A covered by B featured in C

i want everything !!!!

Music to my ears…

June 27, 2009








Successfully cracked by weirdsceneinsidethegoldmine, Gurluv Singh and yossariancsinghania (refer to comments.)


June 27, 2009

A composed the sountrack for  B’s film C , of which 1 was a track that is used by artist D on their album E.a tribute album “F” for A also featured D’s own rendition of 1.Gimme everything

 images of C,D and F  havent been added to make it less obvious

cracked by pande,gurluv, katoch and the other guy

to come in your ear pussies

June 25, 2009