December 31, 2009

The events leading to the end of her marriage resulted in an inspired bit of conflagration. What?

The Woman in the picture is Nina Paley. Her film SITA SINGS THE BLUES mixes biographical elements with Ramayana and Annete Hanshaw’s Blues for its three-fold narrative structure.

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These are his Trademarks

July 26, 2009

Who does these images refer to??

Look at the title of the post, it was  typed after giving a thought. And please try to give the fundaes.

ANSWER:- Quentin Tarantino.
So everybody gave the answer but nobody got all the three images correct.
Well the first one is Image of Red Apple cigarretes  his fictitious brand of cigarettes features in many Q.T. movies.

The Second one is a 1964 chevy malibu convertible, this is the same car that is seen in Pulp fiction and has a mention in some of his other movies like the Four Rooms etc., Though in general, his trademark is use of G.M. cars.

Finally the last one in the logo of ‘A Band Apart’, it is the production company of Q.T.

Three Times redux

July 7, 2009

Who completes this loose trilogy? Which trilogy?

Dhirubhai Ambani

The trilogy being referred to here is Mani Ratnam’s bio-pics:Varadarajan Mudaliar(Nayakan),MGR/Karunanidhi/Jaya Lalitha(Irvuar),Dhirubhai Ambani(Guru).Mani has never actually accepted that these films were based on the mentioned individuals, and they form a trilogy only in the sense that they refract Indian history through the life stories of these protagonists.
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the 6th

June 30, 2009

Character depicted and described in the life and writings of A ,first appearing in B. C,D,E show more examples


June 27, 2009

A composed the sountrack for  B’s film C , of which 1 was a track that is used by artist D on their album E.a tribute album “F” for A also featured D’s own rendition of 1.Gimme everything

 images of C,D and F  havent been added to make it less obvious

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June 27, 2009

this should be easy,

answer: actors playing major multiple roles in the same film

peter sellers in dr.strangelove and the mouse that roared ,paresh rawal in oye lucky and mike myers in the austin powers series

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June 17, 2009




The poster for the Cannes Film Festival 2009 which shows a still from Michaelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura featuring Monica Vitti.

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