Connect to a term

June 25, 2009

Well, im forced to give another simple one. So connect with a term. Everyone should get this.

Yup. Terraforming it is. Gurluv, Madhu, and soumya get it right.



June 18, 2009

A. The comic (Katoch’s gonna love it)
B. What is being referred to here.


@UPDATE: Hello?! I start the comic trend, and dont get a question in return? Very unfair.

Well. Yet another unsolved question. The comic strip is Non Sequitir [Latin for ‘it does not follow’. Simply, it means that the conclusions based on a statement are completely absurd]

They are referring to the perennial Internet hoax that sometime in August, Mars will come in a transit near the earth and look ‘as big as the moon’, thus making it seemingly more convenient to launch a craft to Mars.