1 inspired 2 and this led to creation of what?


Clarence Hailey Long inspired Leo Burnett to create the legendary MARLBORO MAN!
Cracked by almost everyone.


4 Responses to Heeeeehaaaaa!

  1. Gurluv Singh says:

    1- Clarence Hailey Long
    2- Leo Burnett

    Creation- Marlboro Man

  2. weirdscenesinsidethegoldmine says:

    1-clarence hailey
    2-leo burnett(ad guy)
    connect- malboro man

  3. ashwini_nit says:

    2nd pic is of Leo Burnet… His advertising firm created to the Malboro Man.. Is the 1st pic of the Malboro man? or Phillip Morris?(Jus looks like in the 1st pic the guy has a cigaratte in his hand)

  4. abhinav1182 says:

    Clarence Hailey Long(smoking his last cigarette) and Leo Burnett–Marlboro Man

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