July 30, 2009

Well The answer was Qt, the app dev framework used in a lot of cross platform GUIs. Katoch got to it, I remember.

The first image is from two stupid dogs – Ain’t that ‘cute’, but its wrooooong!’ Qt is pronounced cute
Now KDE was based on Qt, which wasn’t really free as in free beer and speech, so there was a lot of controversy which led to the development of GNOME (Interesting, eh?)
Qt was developed by a company called Trolltech, hence the troll
It was acquired by Nokia in ’08, thus the Nokia headquarters snap.


These are his Trademarks

July 26, 2009

Who does these images refer to??

Look at the title of the post, it was  typed after giving a thought. And please try to give the fundaes.

ANSWER:- Quentin Tarantino.
So everybody gave the answer but nobody got all the three images correct.
Well the first one is Image of Red Apple cigarretes  his fictitious brand of cigarettes features in many Q.T. movies.

The Second one is a 1964 chevy malibu convertible, this is the same car that is seen in Pulp fiction and has a mention in some of his other movies like the Four Rooms etc., Though in general, his trademark is use of G.M. cars.

Finally the last one in the logo of ‘A Band Apart’, it is the production company of Q.T.

A Supposedly Amusing Thing That Would Be Funny Only If It Weren’t So Tragic

July 21, 2009


Title is a big hint, so is the bandana and ,despite the parody, the style of the sentence with its prolixity, fracturing to parallelize the sentence and reliance on footnotes,if you really think about it.ID.


Went surprisingly uncracked.This is the late David Foster Wallace.


July 17, 2009

Identify the trend setting game, with something that the famous individual said.

No attacking bad Uncle Sam

No attacking bad Uncle Sam


Yes, indeed. It is Scorched Earth, the mother of all games, as the Gulf war was touted to be the ‘mother of all wars’

The Pope loves him..

July 17, 2009


Identify.Who is the designer and what does it explore?


Mystery Park located in Interlaken,Switzerland.Designed by Erich Von Daniken to explore the seven mysteries of the world.

cracked solely by ashwini_nit


July 14, 2009

2 is a spin-off of 1.Give me the latest offspring of this unbeleivably dumbass concept.

Rakhi ka Swayamvar is correct. 1 and 2 are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette respectively.

Roses are red,Violets are blue?

July 12, 2009


Identify the circled chap.The one in blue.