Connect the man(1) to the incident(2)


Ambrose Bierce(pic1.) wrote the poem below following the assassination of Governor William Goebel of Kentucky in order to express a mood of dismay and fear but William Randolph Hearst’s opponents turned it into a cause-celebre following the assassination of President William McKinley(pic 2.)

“The bullet that pierced Goebel’s breast
Can not be found in all the West;
Good reason, it is speeding here
To stretch McKinley on his bier.”

Went uncracked although Chithanand identified both the pics, and Viswanathan had something to say about a poem by Bierce…


3 Responses to Whatwashesmoking?

  1. Wasi Manazir says:

    Assasination of William McKinley

  2. Chithananda says:

    Ambrose Bierce and Mc Kinley assassination

  3. bviswanathan89 says:

    the poem written byambrose bierce onthe assasssination of governor William Goebel

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