The first two (c31 c32), the next three (c21 c22 c23) and the last two (c11 c12) form the 3 respective connects.
The mega connect is nothing, its just that the 3 connects are of the same genre.
You get the three, you get the connect.

(Hint – see categories)


Connect 1 – Crystal Palace (c31 is the original crystal palace, c32 is badge of WAGGGS – girl guide was formed by Baden Powell in a meeting organized in crystal palace)
Connect 2 – Portsmouth FC [Richard 1 the lionheart (c21) captured cyprus (c23) and brought back its seal to england and gave it to the city of portsmouth. The seal was a crescent moon and a star. c22 is the album cover of pink floyd:live at pompeii – portsmouth fc are called pompey)
connect 3 – Everton Fc (c11 is the prince rupert’s tower which is there in Everton FC’s crest. c12 is everton mint – Everton FC is called toffees – everton mint is distributed among the crowd before every match at goodison park.)

Went uncracked. Katoch and KSS got a part right.



  1. Abhinav says:

    I think it has something to do with Everton F.C.
    Toffees; and the crest has the laurels(c23) and a replica of King Rupert’s tower(pic.c1)

  2. kum aar says:

    something to do from the crusades? Thats richard the lion hearted who conquered cyprus. w.r.t. history 🙂

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