The first thing I am sure you would want to know is where I was born,what my lousy childhood was like and all that David Copperfield kind of crap.You are going to be disappointed.Someone must have been telling lies about ‘Nithin B’ for without having done anyting wrong I was arrested one fine morning.
It was cold in the gulags in Siberia.I was a destitute surrounded by the vast multitudes of faggots and futhermuckers.
It was love at first sight!She was the light of my life, the fire of my loins.She came like an angel to me, when I was kneeling on the frozen earth, tears welling from my eyes dropping like tiny drops of pearls which got frozen the moment I shed them.We used to go to shady bars lining the narrow taverns by sneaking past the guards.She was the only hope for me, as people in this part of the world say ‘Hope is the Last to die.’

Now that is all the fiction I can write or rather plagiarize in my attempt to demonstrate to you fine people the books i have read and enjoyed!
Other than that I am a ’shy pervert’, an irreverent, sex crazy,cinema loving, overtly narcissistic, one ‘BAD MOTHERFUCKER!’


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