to come in your ear pussies




2 Responses to to come in your ear pussies

  1. yossariancsinghania says:

    okay, i am not sure of the answer but if its right then i have to say that you gotta set up the question in a better way. And fyi, you are not the only one who has heard of CCR in bawana…infact you are one of those who bicker more and have heard less…grow up!

    pic 1 – cover of the book ‘the secret sales pitch’ by august bullock which tells about subliminal advertising.

    pic 2 – looks like lucifer…not sure what you mean to depict through it…its either the subliminal message in stairway to heaven which when backmasked says – oh here’s to my sweet satan – or its a reference to the beelzebub that features in bohemian rhapsody.

    pic 3 – queen. their single ‘another one bites the dust’ also had subliminal messages which also when backmasked says something like – “Stop to smoke marijuana”, or “It’s fun to smoke marijuana”.

    pic 4 – marijuana – the love of my life.

    Connect – subliminal messages?
    well actually nothing connects it…you should have asked to explain the funda…whatever!

  2. weirdscenesinsidethegoldmine says:

    what i was actually looking for was the backmasked message in another one bites the dust.
    and here’s how it connected(in my head) :
    1 just shows an example of subliminal messages
    2 shows a popular example of subliminal messges in music stairway (popular because it was officially checked for it)
    3 shows another one bites the dust
    4 shows marijuana , for what the message was allegedly about.

    and about the bad structuring , i apologise
    my third attempt at anything like this , so please cut me some slack here

    and about that”infact you are one of those who bicker more and have heard less…grow up”
    omg!!u know everything about me!!

    “marijuana – the love of my life” ,
    and i’m the one who needs to grow up??

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