This temple is supposed to be the resting place of a relic that apparently has a huge bearing on who wields power in the country it is housed in.Which relic or simply ID the place.


Sri Dalada Maligawa or The Tooth Temple,Kandy,Sri Lanka which houses Buddha’s tooth.

cracked by Apoorv,Madhu and Himanshuthegreat(no,really!)


4 Responses to Worst.Joke.Ever.

  1. Apoorv says:

    The tooth Temple, Kandy, Sri Lanka

  2. himanshuthegreat says:

    This is the temple in sri lanka where the tooth of buddha is said to be preserved.

  3. Madhu says:

    Tooth temple, SL.

  4. Nithin says:

    The Crown Prince’s temple in Bhutan?

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