Visual Connect

Connect the three images given above  by that thing which forms the crux of their important works.


5 Responses to Visual Connect

  1. yossariancsinghania says:


  2. Himanshu says:

    Well the first guy is Kant, the second guy is, the one who Directed godfather,Ford coppola, and third one is some puzzle ribbon.I cannot figure out the connect, but i think It has to do something with dyslexia.

  3. monsieurkrammer says:

    Kant and Coppola were autistic.
    The third is the autism awareness ribbon.
    Connect- Autism?

  4. Abhinav says:

    Kant,Coppola and Orange County District.


  5. Nithin says:

    Autism isn’t the intended connect,though it is true that kant and coppola were autistic and the ribbon is of autism awareness.The connect is based on the works and the offsprings of their thought.

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