A simple one

Since nobody’s been able to crack the questions till now, here’s a simpler question :

Get the
A. The company
B. The product being referred to
C. The rival company
D. Trivial – The name of the latest model of the product

This company’s first in house product was launched ’96. The product’s name has a ‘K’ which is a reference to Kryptonite, being the only substance that could harm Superman. It was a dig at the world leader in its segment. Identify as stated above.

AB : June 6

Yes! Finally someone’s bang on 😀 Chithan, Abhinav and Paritosh got the answers. Nest Question on June 6th!


3 Responses to A simple one

  1. Abhinav says:

    AMD’s K5,K6 processors?
    So, Intel and Athlon

  2. sole renegade says:

    amd’s K series of processors. amd’s rival is intel( we know that don’t we)

  3. Chithananda says:

    A- AMD
    B- K5
    C- Intel
    D- K10

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